Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inking Gene Colan...

Gene Colan (Sept. 1, 1926 - June 23, 2011) 

I always loved his work. My first encounter with him was when he illustrated Daredevil, but I began my true admiration of his stuff with Tomb of Dracula, JAWS and Howard the Duck. His work moves your eyes from one point to another, like water. His work can take you on gentle streams at times,  then hurl you into rushing falls. There's a visual poetry to Gene Colan's art... I can't describe it any better then that. Google his work. It's worth the journey!

When I began to practice with the Cintiq, I picked artists that would be a good challenge to work with. Jim Lee, Jack Kirby.... but nothing prepared me for Colan's pencils. Inking his stuff was like learning how to skate on ice for the first time. The fluidity and 'precise looseness' of his pencils really pushed my abilities! It was fun and scary at the same time. Here's what I managed... again.... with great respect one of the truest Masters of this artform. 

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