Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unpublished Works: BLANK

Way back in 1999, screen writer Lars Davidson and I co-created a story we called BLANK. A film-noir style sci-fi story set in a world not very far away from ours. When Lars wrote the script, he didn't include panels, leaving loads of liberty for me (as the visual guy) to invent the pacing and layout of each story. Fascinating way of doing a story, I must confess. These are the only pages we produced. I photographed them (instead of scanning them) just to give you a gist of what we did. I dunno... I think the 'roughness' of the images adds a vintage quality to it... hope you enjoy.


  1. These panels are fantastic, Sandy! The last one with the creepy beaked man is awesome.

  2. Thanks, Ryan. I want to dig up some more old stuff to spruce my new blog up. I'm using low quality images for copyright reason.... that's my excuse, anyway.
    The beaked man is modeled after the masks the doctors wore during the dark ages... they would put cloves inside the beaks to ward off the disease.. I thought it more fitting than the bald mad scientist that Lars asked for.

  3. I actually bought that page of the creepy doctor guy from Mr. Carruthers at a convention this summer. Once again thanks so much for that, both that and the batman sketch I got are on my wall in front of my drawing table.